Sprint Highway (Fronting 3 Damansara)

Toward LDP

Toward Sprint

Site is located along SPRINT in front of 3 Damansara Mall, targeting traffic along SPRINT/NKVE towards KL/Uptown/NKVE. Traffic is pack and slow moving at this area with commercial centres & high density residential suburbs within vicinity.

Format: Overhead Bridge Billboard

Landmark: : 3 Damansara Mall, Damansara Intan, Uptown, Glo Damansara, etc.

Target Audience: : working adults, business owners, daily commuters, elite residents, students, etc.

Display Size: 20ft (h) x 100ft (w) x 2 panels

Estimated traffic count: : 8.3 million/month

GPS: 3.036812,101.551759